Deer Blind Heater

Cold weather is right around the corner just in time for deer season. Don’t sit freezing your butt off while trying to take the trophy of a lifetime. Trust us here at Nu-Way Stove to provide you with the heat and comfort you deserve while enjoying the great outdoors. Our 4 options of propane heaters will assure you the heat heat you need while in your deer blind up in the mountains in your wall tent or sitting on the ice in your shanty. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to see any updates or customers setups or even a trophy that was taken. We love to see pictures and get feedback on how your deer blind heater from us is treating you. Remember vented heat from Nu-Way Stove is the only way to stay warm and feel safe this deer season.

Keeping Warm While Ice Fishing!

No doubt as the weather gets colder, all of you fishermen and women are getting excited about ice fishing! There’s something so peaceful about setting up your shanty on a remote place on the lake, drilling that fishing hole, and enjoying the winter wonderland while you wait for that big fish to bite! We all love ice fishing for many reasons; whether it’s your way from you to de-stress from the busy world around you, or spend time with your friends, telling stories around the fishing hole, or simply a way to connect with nature and put some delicious dinner on your plate, we understand your love for the sport.

Nu-Way Stove is here to help continue your enjoyment of the outdoors with our portable wood and propane stoves. We’ve designed them specifically for the outdoorsman, making it easy to transport and set them up. Just because you enjoy being outdoors doesn’t mean you need to freeze while doing so. Our stoves will keep your fishing shanties toasty, allowing you to stay out longer to get that big catch! Not only are they built to provide consistent heating, but they also are made to make minimal noise.

Our stoves come with warming plates, perfect for keeping coffee warm, toasting up some bread, or keeping you light picnic lunch heated through. With our stoves, you can make an entire day of ice-fishing while staying warm and keeping your belly full! So what are you waiting for? Check out a Nu-Way stove today!