• I first purchased my hunting stove for ice fishing. I thought it might work, didn't think too much about it. When I installed it and turned it on and in a few minutes it got my blind all nice and warm ready to start some fishing.


  • Needed a stove that wasn't to expensive, but got the job done! Model 3000 was my favorite choice! Keep me warm during deer season. I even took a nice little nap in my blind to pass the time.


  • Started hunting a few years ago with my dad. A few years later I made my own blind and needed a stove for it. Bought one from Nu-Way Stoves. i was really impressed with the quality. I wasn't disappointed by the results. Keep me warm and keep the gloves warm too. I event warmed up my cinnamon roll son the stove.


  • I mounted mine on plywood base and install heat shield on bake and end so radient heat does not reach wall. works great.


  • I got the wood burner for my ICE HOUSE last year and it works AWESOM!, as my son would say. my shanty is 5×10 and even @ 10 below its 70 in there. i can’t say enought about that stove.it has paid for it self in propane saving last year. (i fish alot) THANK YOU SO MUCH, mark in kenosha.


  • I purchsed 2 model 4000′s for deer camp this year. We used 1 in the camp Kitchen (8 x 20 enclosed trailer) and the other in the eating/setting room (8.5 x20 enclosed trailer)
    Both were vented per recomendations and worked perfect. We Installed a CO detector in the eating room just for safty, It read 0 all week.
    I would recomend these heaters to ALL.